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Posted in Uncategorized on May 27, 2010 by Mister Bones

Welcome and good day to all who have ventured here to the absurdity that is the Dem Bones Blog.  We wanted to give a brief outline of how we will do things here.  Mondays will be review days where we will post a set review.  Unless Monday is a holiday, then we will post it on Wednesday.  Tuesday will be the day we post the latest interview on the Mister Bones interviews page.  The first few interviews will be with Bones, but then others will be interviewed, including, other builders from MOC Pages.  If you look around you may find some polls, by all means vote as they will determine future projects or posts.  Also, if there is a set you would like for us to review, please tell us and we will do our level best to accommodate you.  Soon, a new page will appear here entitled “Spooky Bones’ Jacked Up Fairy Tales”.  These will be stories with maybe a photo or two.  Spooky has taken some of the old fairy tales and put his demented touch to them, you don’t want to miss that!  The first one should be up next week.  So bookmark this nuttiness and come back often!  Cheers!

Dem Bones Staff