Set Review: Ice Dragon Attack (2260)

Set Review: Ice Dragon Attack (2260)

The Good Stuff:

 The dragon is simply awesome.  Very well designed and loads of fun to build, from what I saw.  My wife likes fantasy stuff like Lord of the Rings and dragons, so I bought this set for her.  I told her she had to build the dragon; she had never built a Lego set before.  She loved every minute of it and now that dragon is on her desk at work. (I kept the minifigs).  The dragon also can shoot a blue ball from its moth by squeezing the head, a nice playability feature.

The minifigures are also pretty cool.  The White Ninja has a gold dragon design on the torso which goes nicely with the gold katana from the collectible minifigure ninja.  The skeleton though, is my favorite bit, of course.  The skeletons in this line have new legs with black “shoes”, a more detailed torso, even a backbone, and they are no longer naked!  They have loin cloths now, or bone cloths if you will.   This skeleton, Krazi (love the name) looks like some demented court jester from your worst nightmare.

The golden weapon in this set are a pair of shurikens (my set had three of these in it).  Each set seems to have a golden weapon, similar to how the Pharaoh’s Quest line has the golden objects, very smart of you Lego, very smart.

–       Price.  Rare is it that I say price is good, but at 19.99 US, and 158 pieces,( about 12.65 cents per piece), it is not bad, especially considering the very well designed dragon.

The Bad Stuff:

The lack of minifigures.  I was looking over some of my older sets from the late 1980’s and 1990’s, and noticed that Lego did not used to be so cheap with the minifigures.  Now you are lucky to get 2 or 3 in most sets.  Another skeleton would have been grand, but considering that Lego is charging 10.00 US a pop for the Ninjago started sets with 1 figure, and 3.00 US for one of the collectible minifigures, well, we can see that Lego figured out how to make some serious profit.

The MOC Stuff:

The MOC-ability of this set is great; the dragon has loads of great white parts for use and two excellent trans blue ice looking parts that you can see on the dragon’s back.  The dragonhead could be used to build your own creature or as a decoration in your castle or pub.  Overall, a great set, great parts, cool minifigures and a decent price.  Nice work Lego!


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