Set review: Death Star (10188)

Piece count = 3,803

The Good Stuff:


Seriously?  It is the freakin’ Death Star!  This is a very cool set I must say.  There are loads of minifigures, some great playability, and this baby is a blast to build.  So let’s get started.

–       25 minifigures including Grand Moff Tarkin, that creepy creature from the trash compactor, a couple wicked looking black droids, two Imperial Guards (the red guys), two “Death Star Troopers” (Guys in black), and a slew of the usual suspects (Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, C3PO, R2-D2, etc).

–       There are some really great features like an operating elevator in the center of this monstrosity, another elevator in the hanger area, moving cannons, trash compactor walls, and moving walls in the detention area.

–       The mini-fighter (Darth’s) looks pretty stinkin’ cool, but don’t set it next to the regular Vader Tie Fighter model, it might get jealous…you know, size issues.

–       There are a slew of rooms and each one has some sort of playability and little details.  My favorite little detail is the blue trans piece that disappears when you “turn off” the tractor beam.

–       Price.  Yes, it is $400.00 US, but with 3,803 pieces, that is about 10.5 cents per piece, not bad.

The Bad Stuff:

The price is ok this time, as the set seems well worth it to me.  In addition, I got this baby for 300.00 after some discounts and coupons (Not to mention my wife bought it for me because I am a good boy, so to me it was free!).

There are some problems with the construction, but a skilled MOCer can overcome these.

–       There is a thin, grey ring around the area where Luke and Leia swing in SWIV that snaps off if a cat walks by too fast.  One can find ways to correct that, however, or simply remove it, as it is not really needed.

–       In the tractor beam room, the platform has a tendency to crumble under the slightest of minifig pressure.  A bit of reinforcing suffices to correct this.

–       The elevator in the center of the Death Star is very hard to reach with any but the smallest of hands and thus difficult to use….I am working on that.

The MOC Stuff:

The MOC-ability of this set is great; however, after building it, you will be loathe to take it apart.  So what to do?  Well, I for one plan on having Mister Bones take over this from Vader.  The takeover should make for an entertaining MOC and then the Dem Bones staff can re-model the Death Star Bones style!  As for the rest of you, there are endless possibilities one can create with all these pieces and the minifigures.  Some of the unique pieces such as the “tunnel” of the detention block (actually a sticker, but looks good), and the force lightening the Emperor has is very useful in other ways.  Likewise, some of the techniques that Lego put in the building may come in handy down the road.


4 Responses to “Set review: Death Star (10188)”

  1. Lego Guy Says:

    Nice review, I would love to get that set!

  2. Now I REALLY want the Death Star. Oh, the E.N.W.G. goodness…

  3. Meant to change the name…

  4. Matthew Novosad Says:

    Still want it…

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