Set review: Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser (7754)

Piece count = 789

The Good Stuff:

First off, I just like the way the set is set up.  There is a great little bridge area with briefing room and a hanger.  The way you can move the fighter around is also pretty cool as far as playability goes.   The set comes with 6 figures, Lando, that General Nadine chap, Mon Montha, or whatever her name is, a pilot and two of the Mon Calamari.  I mean really, who does not like calamari.  I know I do, especially with a bit of garlic butter, but I digress.  A lot of fun to be had with this set.

The Bad Stuff:

Once again, the price is high, stupid high in fact.  This set is $110.00 US and only contains 789 pieces, so you are paying about 14 cents per piece.  I was once again fortunate that I found the set on clearance at Toys R Us for 80.00, so I saved a massive 30.00 bucks, but hey, savings is savings.  The other bad element to this is the hanger walls.  Lego was not real detailed here and you can see the underside of the pieces which is unattractive to say the least.  The hanger is also lacking in any real detail, Lego can do better.

The MOC Stuff:

A lot of white pieces in this set, some good figures and that cool orange Death Star thing all make for great MOC-ability.  I was thinking of combining this with the Toy Story Trash Compactor set and making Bones a lab.  The white can also come in quite handy for snow MOCs and those Calamari guys have great possibilities for a funny cooking MOC, maybe starring Bones and Hans Dendauw…who knows?


2 Responses to “Set review: Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser (7754)”

  1. Cooking show! Hmmm! Tastey. I rarely buy any SW sets and usually on sale. That extra piece hit hurts with those sets. Still I figure it’s all relative. Every PAB cup helps keep the average cost of a part down. I tell myself that and it sounds good to me.

  2. I Got the battle of Endor the other day, missing the one piece I DON’T have! I also wanted this one but target didn’t have it…

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