Set review: Soldiers Fort (6242)

Piece count = 367

The Good Stuff:

This set reminds me of some of the older pirate sets that had great playability.  The jail cell is pretty good as is the tower with the winch.  I like the overall look of the wharf and way the designers did the little arches at the waterline gives it a more piraty feel.  The 6 minifigures are good and who could pass up a monkey?  The set also includes a dark green alligator and a fish.  The nod to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was a nice touch as well.  The pirate using a banana to get the key from a monkey smacks loudly of bribing the dog with a bone to obtain the key as in the movie and ride.

The Bad Stuff:

The price, as usual.  This set is $50.00 US and only contains 367 pieces, so you are paying 13.6 cents per piece.  I was fortunate as I had just ordered the Death Star, so with the other VIP points I had, this set was free, and now I have the entire pirate line save that big assed Imperial flagship.

The MOC Stuff:

The pieces in the set allow for all kinds of MOCey goodness.  Lego designed this as a modular build which connect at the base of each module (You can see that in the picture at the base of the tower).  Now, the nice bit is one could easily expand this and create a Hugh fort.  The monkey has a banana, always useful as an, um……well, use your imaginations folks.  I also really like the Admiral’s outfit; one never knows when Bones might need some fancy duds.


2 Responses to “Set review: Soldiers Fort (6242)”

  1. I bought this one too. I keep thinking of making some sort of fort setting but it hasn’t come up yet. Too many other distractions.

  2. Heath Flor Says:

    Hey brother, the Imperial Flagship is well worth the coin. Best kit I’ve ever put together falling just shy of top spot after the Millennium Falcon.

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