Collectible Minifigures (Series 1)

Piece count = N/A

The Good Stuff:

These are some great minifigures.  Some we have seen in slightly different form before, like the Ninja, Forest man, and American Indian, but the rest are new.  I must say the Caveman, Zombie and Robot I really like.  All the figs come with some sort of accessory and the facial expressions and hair some have is great.  Even the price is pretty good at 1.99 each.  Toys R Us, of course, raised their price from 1.99 to 2.49 after a couple days when they saw how popular the figs were.  Leave it to TRU to gouge the consumer any way they can.

The Bad Stuff:

Not much bad here, the plastic seems slightly lower quality than other Lego products, but it is not that noticeable.  I noticed it the most on the Cheerleaders hair.

The MOC Stuff:

A Nurse, Cheerleader, Clown and Caveman?  Come on, these figs are just screaming for some AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) to whip up a hilarious MOC.  All the figs will be very handy to add to creations.  Even the Crash Test Dummy can be used to add some levity to a MOC.  I purchased 31 of the figs and have all 16 of series 1, so Dem Bones should have some new actors appearing soon!


2 Responses to “Collectible Minifigures (Series 1)”

  1. I like these minifigs. Lots of good accessories and possibilities going on. Series 2 will be here before we know it.

    TRU sucks and not in a good way like gravity. I rarely buy anything there. Even their sales aren’t very good when they jack the price up.

    • I cannot agree more on TRU. The bad thing is that they were the only store here that had the figs, so I was forced to buy from them. Oh well…looking forward to series 2!

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