Set review: Desert Attack (7569)

Piece count = 57

The Good Stuff:

Well the minifigures, obviously.  You get Dastan, of course, with the cool twin katanas and the dual katana sheath.  Then there are the two baddies, the Hassansins.  Some nut with claws and a bigger nut with a badass axe, not to mention a rather cool face.  The head cowls are very cool on these guys as well.  Then there is the classic skeleton, we love that guy….obviously.  The horse is painted in a Persian style, which is rather nice.  Then there is a brown bush and a dark grey plant piece, both new colors in these pieces.  The rest is pretty basic, a couple gems and spears, then some standard tan pieces.

The Bad Stuff:

The price on this is $11.00 US, about 19.3 cents per piece, however, the minifigures are so good that I do not feel the price is that bad.  The one drawback here is the landscape portion.  That could look better and would have with a few extra pieces.

The MOC Stuff:

This is a good set to buy if you want to build a little Hassansin army, get some skeletons and a whole lot of Dastan pieces.  The Dastan fig comes in every set so far, so one could conceivably build an army using the torso and changing the head and hair.  The faces on the baddies will be great in other creations if you like to build on the spooky side of things.  I will probably pick up one more of these just for the figures.


3 Responses to “Set review: Desert Attack (7569)”

  1. I too liked this set. I think the piece count is lower than normal because of the printed horse. That’s a nice looking horse but it sure jacks up the price. I’m wondering what to do with those claw bits. Certainly good for greebling on a spaceship or such but I don’t make many space ships.

    I was glad to see that classic skeleton again. It’s one of my favorite minifigs. I’m digging his floppy arms.

  2. I just picked this up and I am loving the axe dudes head, the old skeleton, and the horse. I know what Skullosis (the main character of my story remember?) is going to look like. The axe mans head, those cool pauldrons, Dastan’s hair, and the axe dude’s torso! Oh, and Dastan’s pants. Oh and don’t be giving any ideas about ARMY building to Lee, he already has a huge army as it is…

  3. davidmay2000 Says:

    i reviewed this set to my blog is can you check it out p.s i am on moc i am david

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