Set review: Trash Compactor Escape (7596)

Piece count = 370

The Good Stuff:

The figures are pretty good, Woody looks sad, which should come in handy in a humorous sort of way, the big pink bear is dirty and looks ticked off, the pig bank is dirty as well, and the two little aliens are also a bit dirty looking, what has this group been doing?  I don’t think I want to know.  There are two new large flame pieces, always good for making ridiculously large grills.  The crane is well designed and should find use for some folks in various ways.  There is a lot of playability with this set for the younger fans as there are numerous moving parts.

The Bad Stuff:

The price, as usual is high, at $50.00 US and 370 pieces, which comes to about 13.5 cents per piece.  I was fortunate enough to find the set on sale for 40.00 so I made out well.  The furnace design is a bit silly and I am just not a fan of all these stickers Lego keeps putting in every set now.  The platforms are also a bit weak in design and they have no ladders to reach them, so I guess those figures have to jump.

The MOC Stuff:

I bought this for two reasons: I wanted the figures and I can change this and add some pieces to make Mister Bones a lab.  All crazy Minifigures need a lab right?  So as for its MOCness, I would say it has high MOCing value, if you have a little imagination.


6 Responses to “Set review: Trash Compactor Escape (7596)”

  1. Yeah, the platforms do look a bit weak. four of those pillars doesn’t seem like enough… I love the big flames! I have two of them right now. Yeah, those stickers are annoying. Is that a neon blue head I spot? I also don’t see why they included those coins. It does have some nice pieces so maybe if I earn a bit more cash (Right now I am going to buy 6 of those mini-fig packs) I will get this one. All the things I could use those crane pieces for… Oh and the colors!

    • I should have mentioned the coins are for the pig, he is a bank, complete with stopper. Kind of funny actually. The neon blue you see behind the bear is just a trans blue 1×1 round piece.

  2. Huh. It really does looks like a Neon blue head.

  3. Leda Kat Says:

    Oh, so that’s where you got that big purple bear from in Bacon Time! I think there are some good useful pieces in this set, the conveyor belt and sides could come in handy for mocing and the furnace also. But the furnace would be much better if it had actual windows instead of those stickers.

  4. I still haven’t bought this one and might not. I found a dirty Woody in a grab bag at the LEGO store. Oops, that doesn’t sound too family friendly.

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