Set review: Prison Carriage Rescue (7949)

Piece count = 50

 The Good Stuff:

A unicorn horn; the possibilities this piece brings to mind are, well, disturbing.  The set comes with 3 minifigures (2 Lion Knights, 1 Dragon Knight) who have some great expressions.  One of the knights has the new helmet which looks pretty good and practically screams for a Monty Python MOC. The swords (2) are silver and the new dark pearl.

The Bad Stuff:

The price is a bit high for a 50 piece set at $12.00 US (.24 cents per piece).  The carriage is nothing to get excited about and the design is weak overall with the silly little rear door.  Like any Lego set, however, one can always use the pieces in other creations.

The MOC Stuff:

Quite a few of those new sloped 1×1 SNOT pieces in dark green and gold, the unicorn horn, and the three minifigs are all good and will definitely find use in some MOCs.  At $12.00 per set, though, one is enough.


3 Responses to “Set review: Prison Carriage Rescue (7949)”

  1. I do like that new horn, perfect for Charlie the Unicorn. I’m pretty sure that helmet has been around, but is just rare. I could be wrong.

  2. Nice little blog you got going here Bones! Those 1×1 SNOT pieces are called Cheese Slopes cause… well… they look like a slice of cheese. Although is your cheese is that dark green color there, I think you have bigger things to worry about than what they’re called. ~ Chris.

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