Set review: Fight for the Dagger (7571)

Piece count = 258

The Good Stuff:

This is a nice little set and moderately priced at $30.00 US.  The Fight for the Dagger comes with 4 minifigures, Dastan (again), Princess Tamina, Asoka and a market vendor.  The set also has one of the new camels, which looks pretty good and will come in handy when looking for a new joke piece in a MOC.  The set has some good playability with a trap door and collapsing balcony.  There are some very nice new pieces in the set and quite a bit of food pieces, some gems, and the dagger of course.

The Bad Stuff:

There is nothing really bad in this set from a MOCers point of view.  Good figs, good pieces, decent price (about 11.6 cents per piece).

The MOC Stuff:

As mentioned, that camel will come in handy.  Along with that crazy camel are 4 good minifigures with some new elements like Tamina’s hair, Asoka’s helmet and breastplate, and a white cowl for the market vendor.  The set has a lot of green apples, some red cherries, two fish and a turkey leg to supplement your MOC pantry.  All in all, a good Lego.


5 Responses to “Set review: Fight for the Dagger (7571)”

  1. That is a pretty good set. I too dig that camel and all the gold pieces are cool.

    Nice to see ya bloggin’. I hope you’ll keep it up. Good luck with that. I’ll book mark you and check back soon.


  2. Thanks Garth, I got the idea from you and your Primitive Screwheads blog.

  3. Thinking about picking that one up anyway. Turban for the WIN! BTW I don’t see a picture.

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