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Welcome and good day to all who have ventured here to the absurdity that is the Dem Bones Blog.  We wanted to give a brief outline of how we will do things here.  Mondays will be review days where we will post a set review.  Unless Monday is a holiday, then we will post it on Wednesday.  Tuesday will be the day we post the latest interview on the Mister Bones interviews page.  The first few interviews will be with Bones, but then others will be interviewed, including, other builders from MOC Pages.  If you look around you may find some polls, by all means vote as they will determine future projects or posts.  Also, if there is a set you would like for us to review, please tell us and we will do our level best to accommodate you.  Soon, a new page will appear here entitled “Spooky Bones’ Jacked Up Fairy Tales”.  These will be stories with maybe a photo or two.  Spooky has taken some of the old fairy tales and put his demented touch to them, you don’t want to miss that!  The first one should be up next week.  So bookmark this nuttiness and come back often!  Cheers!

Dem Bones Staff


Set review: Trash Compactor Escape (7596)

Posted in Set Reviews on May 26, 2010 by Mister Bones

Piece count = 370

The Good Stuff:

The figures are pretty good, Woody looks sad, which should come in handy in a humorous sort of way, the big pink bear is dirty and looks ticked off, the pig bank is dirty as well, and the two little aliens are also a bit dirty looking, what has this group been doing?  I don’t think I want to know.  There are two new large flame pieces, always good for making ridiculously large grills.  The crane is well designed and should find use for some folks in various ways.  There is a lot of playability with this set for the younger fans as there are numerous moving parts.

The Bad Stuff:

The price, as usual is high, at $50.00 US and 370 pieces, which comes to about 13.5 cents per piece.  I was fortunate enough to find the set on sale for 40.00 so I made out well.  The furnace design is a bit silly and I am just not a fan of all these stickers Lego keeps putting in every set now.  The platforms are also a bit weak in design and they have no ladders to reach them, so I guess those figures have to jump.

The MOC Stuff:

I bought this for two reasons: I wanted the figures and I can change this and add some pieces to make Mister Bones a lab.  All crazy Minifigures need a lab right?  So as for its MOCness, I would say it has high MOCing value, if you have a little imagination.

Set review: Prison Carriage Rescue (7949)

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Piece count = 50

 The Good Stuff:

A unicorn horn; the possibilities this piece brings to mind are, well, disturbing.  The set comes with 3 minifigures (2 Lion Knights, 1 Dragon Knight) who have some great expressions.  One of the knights has the new helmet which looks pretty good and practically screams for a Monty Python MOC. The swords (2) are silver and the new dark pearl.

The Bad Stuff:

The price is a bit high for a 50 piece set at $12.00 US (.24 cents per piece).  The carriage is nothing to get excited about and the design is weak overall with the silly little rear door.  Like any Lego set, however, one can always use the pieces in other creations.

The MOC Stuff:

Quite a few of those new sloped 1×1 SNOT pieces in dark green and gold, the unicorn horn, and the three minifigs are all good and will definitely find use in some MOCs.  At $12.00 per set, though, one is enough.

Set review: Fight for the Dagger (7571)

Posted in Set Reviews on May 24, 2010 by Mister Bones

Piece count = 258

The Good Stuff:

This is a nice little set and moderately priced at $30.00 US.  The Fight for the Dagger comes with 4 minifigures, Dastan (again), Princess Tamina, Asoka and a market vendor.  The set also has one of the new camels, which looks pretty good and will come in handy when looking for a new joke piece in a MOC.  The set has some good playability with a trap door and collapsing balcony.  There are some very nice new pieces in the set and quite a bit of food pieces, some gems, and the dagger of course.

The Bad Stuff:

There is nothing really bad in this set from a MOCers point of view.  Good figs, good pieces, decent price (about 11.6 cents per piece).

The MOC Stuff:

As mentioned, that camel will come in handy.  Along with that crazy camel are 4 good minifigures with some new elements like Tamina’s hair, Asoka’s helmet and breastplate, and a white cowl for the market vendor.  The set has a lot of green apples, some red cherries, two fish and a turkey leg to supplement your MOC pantry.  All in all, a good Lego.

Mister Bones

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This blog will be used to update people who are interested on the “life” of Mister Bones.  For those that do not know Mister Bones, he is a Lego minifigure who happens to be a skeleton.  Mister Bones is CEO of Dem Bones studios, a MOC (My Own Creation) making studio over on MOC Pages. 

This is the story of one undead skeleton’s rise to fame, and probably infamy as well. So pour a glass of your favorite beverage, have a seat in that comfy chair, and enrich your mind with the story of…MISTER BONES!

Mister Bones was not always the international star he is today.  He came from humble beginnings, a graveyard actually.  When he first got into MOCbusiness with “A Bit of Utter MOCness” Studios, run by Mister Fang, Bones was used as a prop, a skeleton in various MOCs like “Trouble at the Temple of Anubis” and “Pirates Treasure Cache”.  Then Bones got a break when he was cast in a cameo role in the MOC “Fright Night V”.  Shortly before Fright Night V was released, Bones was featured in “Introducing Mister Bones” and then went on to star in smaller MOCs such as “Mister Bones Meets His Mate”.  Bones was quickly becoming the face of the studios and thus the name was changed to “Dem Bones”.  It was shortly before Halloween 2009 when the CEO of Dem Bones died after a long illness and Mister Bones was named the new CEO.  For many months, Dem Bones only had one technician, SigBooner, thus Mister Bones hired his cousin, Spooky Bones and later his niece Lydia Bones to work at the studios.  The Dem Bones staff would continue to grow as actors flocked to the new company.

            One of Mister Bones’ first priorities was to create some new shows for the studios to put out since the Fright Night series had ended.  After many long meetings and quite a few bottles of vodka, the President and Bones came up with two new series; History 101 and Dem Bones Road Trip, both would star Mister Bones.  These two series have gained widespread popularity and continue to be produced.  Other series were started as well, such as “Atlantia” and “Jacked Up Fairy Tales”.   Mister Bones and the staff have also continued the studios tradition of making small Monster MOCs.  They have currently made 11 of these to date.

            So what is Bones up to now?  He recently joined a biker gang with a few of his mates on the pages: Leda Kat (A crazy Kiwi), Heath Flor (A drunken pirate from Arizona), Master Shifu Leo J (A bacon loving nutter from Arizona), and Hans Dendauw (A real-life chef from Oregon).  Bones also has his sights set on purchasing the Darksylvania Lakers (This is a basketball team in the city where Bones lives). Links to all the MOC Pages sites are included for your pleasure.

Leda Kat: