Long time, no reviews

Posted in Mister Bones Stuff on November 17, 2011 by Mister Bones

Hello everyone!  I must first apologize for my protracted absence, many things going on in life that keep me from set reviews, etc.  I hope to try and post a few set reviews and other Lego reviews in the near future.  If you have ideas or suggestions for a review, please feel free to let me know.  ~Mister Bones


Set Review: Ice Dragon Attack (2260)

Posted in Set Reviews on January 4, 2011 by Mister Bones

Set Review: Ice Dragon Attack (2260)

The Good Stuff:

 The dragon is simply awesome.  Very well designed and loads of fun to build, from what I saw.  My wife likes fantasy stuff like Lord of the Rings and dragons, so I bought this set for her.  I told her she had to build the dragon; she had never built a Lego set before.  She loved every minute of it and now that dragon is on her desk at work. (I kept the minifigs).  The dragon also can shoot a blue ball from its moth by squeezing the head, a nice playability feature.

The minifigures are also pretty cool.  The White Ninja has a gold dragon design on the torso which goes nicely with the gold katana from the collectible minifigure ninja.  The skeleton though, is my favorite bit, of course.  The skeletons in this line have new legs with black “shoes”, a more detailed torso, even a backbone, and they are no longer naked!  They have loin cloths now, or bone cloths if you will.   This skeleton, Krazi (love the name) looks like some demented court jester from your worst nightmare.

The golden weapon in this set are a pair of shurikens (my set had three of these in it).  Each set seems to have a golden weapon, similar to how the Pharaoh’s Quest line has the golden objects, very smart of you Lego, very smart.

–       Price.  Rare is it that I say price is good, but at 19.99 US, and 158 pieces,( about 12.65 cents per piece), it is not bad, especially considering the very well designed dragon.

The Bad Stuff:

The lack of minifigures.  I was looking over some of my older sets from the late 1980’s and 1990’s, and noticed that Lego did not used to be so cheap with the minifigures.  Now you are lucky to get 2 or 3 in most sets.  Another skeleton would have been grand, but considering that Lego is charging 10.00 US a pop for the Ninjago started sets with 1 figure, and 3.00 US for one of the collectible minifigures, well, we can see that Lego figured out how to make some serious profit.

The MOC Stuff:

The MOC-ability of this set is great; the dragon has loads of great white parts for use and two excellent trans blue ice looking parts that you can see on the dragon’s back.  The dragonhead could be used to build your own creature or as a decoration in your castle or pub.  Overall, a great set, great parts, cool minifigures and a decent price.  Nice work Lego!

Set review: Death Star (10188)

Posted in Set Reviews on August 10, 2010 by Mister Bones

Piece count = 3,803

The Good Stuff:


Seriously?  It is the freakin’ Death Star!  This is a very cool set I must say.  There are loads of minifigures, some great playability, and this baby is a blast to build.  So let’s get started.

–       25 minifigures including Grand Moff Tarkin, that creepy creature from the trash compactor, a couple wicked looking black droids, two Imperial Guards (the red guys), two “Death Star Troopers” (Guys in black), and a slew of the usual suspects (Han, Luke, Leia, Chewie, C3PO, R2-D2, etc).

–       There are some really great features like an operating elevator in the center of this monstrosity, another elevator in the hanger area, moving cannons, trash compactor walls, and moving walls in the detention area.

–       The mini-fighter (Darth’s) looks pretty stinkin’ cool, but don’t set it next to the regular Vader Tie Fighter model, it might get jealous…you know, size issues.

–       There are a slew of rooms and each one has some sort of playability and little details.  My favorite little detail is the blue trans piece that disappears when you “turn off” the tractor beam.

–       Price.  Yes, it is $400.00 US, but with 3,803 pieces, that is about 10.5 cents per piece, not bad.

The Bad Stuff:

The price is ok this time, as the set seems well worth it to me.  In addition, I got this baby for 300.00 after some discounts and coupons (Not to mention my wife bought it for me because I am a good boy, so to me it was free!).

There are some problems with the construction, but a skilled MOCer can overcome these.

–       There is a thin, grey ring around the area where Luke and Leia swing in SWIV that snaps off if a cat walks by too fast.  One can find ways to correct that, however, or simply remove it, as it is not really needed.

–       In the tractor beam room, the platform has a tendency to crumble under the slightest of minifig pressure.  A bit of reinforcing suffices to correct this.

–       The elevator in the center of the Death Star is very hard to reach with any but the smallest of hands and thus difficult to use….I am working on that.

The MOC Stuff:

The MOC-ability of this set is great; however, after building it, you will be loathe to take it apart.  So what to do?  Well, I for one plan on having Mister Bones take over this from Vader.  The takeover should make for an entertaining MOC and then the Dem Bones staff can re-model the Death Star Bones style!  As for the rest of you, there are endless possibilities one can create with all these pieces and the minifigures.  Some of the unique pieces such as the “tunnel” of the detention block (actually a sticker, but looks good), and the force lightening the Emperor has is very useful in other ways.  Likewise, some of the techniques that Lego put in the building may come in handy down the road.

Set review: Home One Mon Calamari Star Cruiser (7754)

Posted in Set Reviews on July 8, 2010 by Mister Bones

Piece count = 789

The Good Stuff:

First off, I just like the way the set is set up.  There is a great little bridge area with briefing room and a hanger.  The way you can move the fighter around is also pretty cool as far as playability goes.   The set comes with 6 figures, Lando, that General Nadine chap, Mon Montha, or whatever her name is, a pilot and two of the Mon Calamari.  I mean really, who does not like calamari.  I know I do, especially with a bit of garlic butter, but I digress.  A lot of fun to be had with this set.

The Bad Stuff:

Once again, the price is high, stupid high in fact.  This set is $110.00 US and only contains 789 pieces, so you are paying about 14 cents per piece.  I was once again fortunate that I found the set on clearance at Toys R Us for 80.00, so I saved a massive 30.00 bucks, but hey, savings is savings.  The other bad element to this is the hanger walls.  Lego was not real detailed here and you can see the underside of the pieces which is unattractive to say the least.  The hanger is also lacking in any real detail, Lego can do better.

The MOC Stuff:

A lot of white pieces in this set, some good figures and that cool orange Death Star thing all make for great MOC-ability.  I was thinking of combining this with the Toy Story Trash Compactor set and making Bones a lab.  The white can also come in quite handy for snow MOCs and those Calamari guys have great possibilities for a funny cooking MOC, maybe starring Bones and Hans Dendauw…who knows?

Set review: Soldiers Fort (6242)

Posted in Set Reviews on June 23, 2010 by Mister Bones

Piece count = 367

The Good Stuff:

This set reminds me of some of the older pirate sets that had great playability.  The jail cell is pretty good as is the tower with the winch.  I like the overall look of the wharf and way the designers did the little arches at the waterline gives it a more piraty feel.  The 6 minifigures are good and who could pass up a monkey?  The set also includes a dark green alligator and a fish.  The nod to the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was a nice touch as well.  The pirate using a banana to get the key from a monkey smacks loudly of bribing the dog with a bone to obtain the key as in the movie and ride.

The Bad Stuff:

The price, as usual.  This set is $50.00 US and only contains 367 pieces, so you are paying 13.6 cents per piece.  I was fortunate as I had just ordered the Death Star, so with the other VIP points I had, this set was free, and now I have the entire pirate line save that big assed Imperial flagship.

The MOC Stuff:

The pieces in the set allow for all kinds of MOCey goodness.  Lego designed this as a modular build which connect at the base of each module (You can see that in the picture at the base of the tower).  Now, the nice bit is one could easily expand this and create a Hugh fort.  The monkey has a banana, always useful as an, um……well, use your imaginations folks.  I also really like the Admiral’s outfit; one never knows when Bones might need some fancy duds.

Collectible Minifigures (Series 1)

Posted in Set Reviews on June 7, 2010 by Mister Bones

Piece count = N/A

The Good Stuff:

These are some great minifigures.  Some we have seen in slightly different form before, like the Ninja, Forest man, and American Indian, but the rest are new.  I must say the Caveman, Zombie and Robot I really like.  All the figs come with some sort of accessory and the facial expressions and hair some have is great.  Even the price is pretty good at 1.99 each.  Toys R Us, of course, raised their price from 1.99 to 2.49 after a couple days when they saw how popular the figs were.  Leave it to TRU to gouge the consumer any way they can.

The Bad Stuff:

Not much bad here, the plastic seems slightly lower quality than other Lego products, but it is not that noticeable.  I noticed it the most on the Cheerleaders hair.

The MOC Stuff:

A Nurse, Cheerleader, Clown and Caveman?  Come on, these figs are just screaming for some AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego) to whip up a hilarious MOC.  All the figs will be very handy to add to creations.  Even the Crash Test Dummy can be used to add some levity to a MOC.  I purchased 31 of the figs and have all 16 of series 1, so Dem Bones should have some new actors appearing soon!

Set review: Desert Attack (7569)

Posted in Set Reviews on June 2, 2010 by Mister Bones

Piece count = 57

The Good Stuff:

Well the minifigures, obviously.  You get Dastan, of course, with the cool twin katanas and the dual katana sheath.  Then there are the two baddies, the Hassansins.  Some nut with claws and a bigger nut with a badass axe, not to mention a rather cool face.  The head cowls are very cool on these guys as well.  Then there is the classic skeleton, we love that guy….obviously.  The horse is painted in a Persian style, which is rather nice.  Then there is a brown bush and a dark grey plant piece, both new colors in these pieces.  The rest is pretty basic, a couple gems and spears, then some standard tan pieces.

The Bad Stuff:

The price on this is $11.00 US, about 19.3 cents per piece, however, the minifigures are so good that I do not feel the price is that bad.  The one drawback here is the landscape portion.  That could look better and would have with a few extra pieces.

The MOC Stuff:

This is a good set to buy if you want to build a little Hassansin army, get some skeletons and a whole lot of Dastan pieces.  The Dastan fig comes in every set so far, so one could conceivably build an army using the torso and changing the head and hair.  The faces on the baddies will be great in other creations if you like to build on the spooky side of things.  I will probably pick up one more of these just for the figures.